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Bonjour Grace started out as a fashion blog without selfies and #OOTDs, but it has since gained a broader reach, and I now use it as an outlet for writing about anything from clothes and beauty to social commentary, health and wellbeing. 

About me

My name is Grace Howard and I'm a twenty-something who loves to write.

I've always been obsessed with writing and reading, having spent my childhood making my own 'magazines' (i.e. pieces of A4 paper stapled together) and asking my parents to film me reading aloud, for hours on end, from my favourite books. Fashion, in turn, has been one of my long-enduring interests – I have fond memories of stealing copies of Harper's Bazaar from the dentist's waiting room and, later, collaging my walls with tears from Vogue

I started writing for an audience extending beyond my family when I was about 16, firstly for my sixth form newspaper and then for a small online magazine called JoJo, which was my first public foray into fashion writing and my first exposure to the joys of fashion week, sweet-talking PRs and the like. Since then I've gone on to write about fashion – as well as other things that are important to me, like music, indie publishing, mental health, dogs and Gilmore Girls – for the likes of Decoded Fashion, Stylist Magazine, The Huffington Post, Mintel, British Style Society, All in One London, HelloGiggles, The Agenda, Bustle and Fashion Fix Daily.

At the time of writing, I'm balancing in-house copywriting work and editing The Closet, Hit the Floor Magazine's lifestyle/fashion output, with my own freelance ventures and a part-time degree in Linguistics & Creative Writing. So, yeah, I essentially live and breathe words.

Journalistic portfolio and contact details: gracehoward.co.uk
Twitter: @gracehoward
Pinterest: @gracehwrd


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