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My name's Grace Howard and I'm a 17-year-old writer/aspiring editor living out in the sticks in North Yorkshire, currently studying for my A-levels (or not – my procrastination levels are probably reflected in my newfound interest in blogging and persistent hatred of Latin). Despite it being a million miles from my un-glam existence, I love fashion. But I hate its associations with frippery, fluffiness and, well, very little else; while I can vouch for the charm of a good fluffy coat as much as the next Vogue-reading gal, I think it's easy to forget that the fashion industry is one of the UK's biggest industries (in terms of employment) and it's a lot more serious than you might think. I don't think there's anything stupid about fashion. I don't think an interest in clothes necessitates that you also have an interest in other 'banalities' like TOWIE, celebrity fitness DVDs or those magazines that you can buy for 40p from the supermarket, full of farfetched 'real life' stories.
I just think that you should be able to enjoy what you enjoy, without feeling ashamed about it. The thing is, I don't have anyone to talk about fashion with. I like other stuff – books (Orwell, Nin, Didion, Plath) music (Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Nick Drake, Woods, The Strokes, everything else my family hates) TV (everything from Made in Chelsea to Crimewatch to Twin Peaks, tbh) – which I can talk to my friends about, but nobody I know shares my passion for Christopher Kane and the Business of Fashion and hoarding fashion magazines. So this blog will hopefully become an outlet for such chat. I also write loads, as you might have guessed, so you'll have to bear with me through all my looooong rambles.
Grace xx

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